Sojourners Camp Registration

Sojourners campers join together at Christikon with youth of the same age who are registered for the Confirmation camp session. For campers in both sessions, their cabin group forms the core of their small-group experience at camp; and with that group they will be hiking, going on an overnight away from camp, engaging in Bible studies and discussion, and working at service projects. All campers and staff together share meals, worship and numerous recreational and growth activities. Besides the two Christikon counselors who provide program leadership for each cabin group, an adult experienced in working with at-risk youth will join each Sojourners cabin group.

In the Sojourners program we do not assume any religious or church background, and converting kids to our version of the Christian faith is not our intention. Instead, we hope campers share the experience of having a significant life together infused with friendship and grace, that they might take something of value from the encounter; and we are committed to respect for all campers’ faith traditions and backgrounds of every kind.

Registration for Sojourners Camp is a Two Step Process:


Sojourners Camp Registration Form:
  • There is space for twelve boys and for twelve girls in the Sojourners camp session.
  • To register a camper, first fill out the Registration Form on this page.
  • Upon submitting the form you will receive an automatic confirmation email.


Referral Process (for the referring person)
  • For each camper, a confidential Referral Form must be completed by a social worker, counselor or religious professional.
  • You can use the online referral form or download it in paper format, print and fill out, then mail or email to us. See Information Here on this page.
Acceptance into the Camp
  • Acceptance into the Sojourners program is determined by the Coordinators.
  • Once a child is registered (filling out the form), a referral is received and information has been reviewed and accepted by Christikon, our office will send a camper packet to each camper by mail, including information on the camp and what to take, a bus schedule, and health and permission forms.

Privacy Information — All information you enter here will be treated as confidential data and will not be shared outside of the Christikon entity.

Sojourners Registration Form

Sojourners Camper Referral

Referral Process (for the referring person)
  • You have the option of using the following online form – OR –
  • Click on the following button links to download the form in Word .doc or PDF formats.
    • Print the form fill it out and mail it to us. Or
    • If you would prefer to complete the Referral Form on a computer and e-mail it as attachment to Or
    • The Christikon office can also mail you a copy of the Referral Form, for you to complete and mail back to us by contacting the office.

Referral Form