Group Camp Reservation

We are pleased to offer the Christikon ministry to congregations throughout the whole church. Each year we are host to many people from outside our immediate area, at both junior and senior high levels, in both on-site-based and trails-based programs. Christikon is fortunate to be located in a magnificent outdoor setting; and we would be happy to share with you that setting, trained staff people, and quality programming that seeks to support and enhance your congregational life and ministry.

We have an online video  available that may be helpful in acquainting people with the Christikon life and perspective. We can also provide you with printed brochures so please contact us to order brochures.

If you are registering campers for more than one session (for example, an on-site program and a trails program that take place at the same time), please complete a separate form for each session.

This Group Reservation is made with the following understandings:
  1. The Group Reservation Form is a contractual agreement between Lutheran Bible Camp, Inc., known as Christikon, and the above-named congregation/group; and the person named above who signs the Agreement is authorized to enter into its terms on behalf of the congregation/group. Because this agreement with the congregation/group, and not with any of its individuals, the above-named congregation/group assumes responsibility for the fees of individuals registered under its name, including any late-registrations charges and cancellations. Please read carefully this Agreement and the “Christikon Registration Information” sent with the Agreement, and clarify any questions you have prior to signing the Agreement.
  2. The numbers of participants that you list in the form are as close as can be calculated at the time this form is filled. Adjustments up or down may be made, according to the terms listed in the Registration Information, by contacting the Christikon office.
  3. Deposits are not refundable. An existing individual’s deposit may be transferred as a deposit to another individual for a previously reserved space where there has been a cancellation. Deposits for individuals who cancel without replacement, or for spaces that are not filled, are forfeit.
  4. After April 25, a group and its sponsoring congregation guarantees that it will pay the full camp fee for all spaces it has reserved as of that date, even if there are fewer persons who actually participate. If any individuals later cancel, for whatever reason, or if there are fewer individuals than had been anticipated, it is the responsibility of the group/congregation to pay the full fee for all unused reserved spaces.
  5. The following information for each individual participant must be sent before April 25 to the Christikon office by mail or electronically as soon as possible (if it hasn’t already been sent with the deposit). After April 25, a $25 surcharge will be assessed on each participant for whom we do not have appropriate individual information:
    1. first and last name
    2. parental name(s) for minors
    3. mailing address, city, state, zip code
    4. home phone
    5. cell phone
    6. gender
    7. school grade being completed (for youth)
    8. birth date
    9. cabin mate request [on-site campers]
    10. indication of whether the camper has been at Christikon before
  6. Camper Response Letters to individual registrants (including health and permission/intent forms coded to each participant): Some group organizers prefer these be mailed directly to individual campers; others prefer to receive these materials in a batch and distribute them to individual participants. Please indicate the way you would like us to send those materials by selecting the appropriate option in the registration form.
  7. Health Forms and Permission/Intent Forms for each individual participant must be returned to the camp three weeks prior to the time those participants are at camp. Some group organizers prefer to gather those forms together ahead of time and then send them in a batch to Christikon. Others prefer to have individuals mail the forms directly to the camp. Christikon will include with the forms instructions appropriate to your wishes. Please indicate the return instructions we should put on the forms.
  8. If you congregation/group intends to use Christikon-provided bus transportation from one of our bus stops: Billings, Laurel, Columbus, or Big Timber, costs for that service must be arranged with the Christikon office.

After you send this information, we will mail an agreement form to the above address and contact person for an authorized signature.

Privacy Information — All information you enter here will be treated as confidential data and will not be shared outside of the Christikon entity.

Registration Forms

Use the online form below or download a PDF form to print and fill out.

Paper Form

Online Form