In carrying out our mission, we seek to:

Embody the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grounded in a Lutheran articulation of the gospel, we strive to share the grace of God with all, hoping for it to shape everything we do.

Grow as the Body of Christ.

We move towards a deeper experience and awareness of Christian community, centered in worship, where all are sustained in the covenant of baptism and drawn more deeply into the lives of each other.

Form faithful Christians.

We will force no one into the faith. But we want people to recognize and grow from the foundation offered in the gifts and insights of those who have gone before us, so we might more clearly discern where God is calling us today in our lives and in our life together in this world. We explore the biblical story together, listening to God’s Word to us. We try to model Christian character as we face this world’s hunger and hopes. We seek-out fitting shapes for faith’s witness in the world.

Raise up stewards of creation.

We use our majestic mountain setting to encourage a greater appreciation of the natural environment, to develop a deeper sense of gratitude and responsibility for the whole creation of God.

Grow leaders.

We try to strengthen the work and witness particularly of those who serve as our staff members, offering training and experience for leadership on behalf of the church.

Be a faithful partner in ministry with our congregations.

We try to maintain the connection between life at camp and life back home. We offer our mountain facilities for congregational retreats. We seek to implement programs appropriate to our congregations’ changing needs in ministry.

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