Where is Christikon Camp?

Christikon camp is in the National Forest Permit area that is located in the Custer Gallatin National Forest in the state of [...]

Where is Christikon Camp?2022-01-22T21:19:59-07:00

What NOT to take to Camp!

Do not bring the following items with you to camp: Music players (CD, MP3, iPod, etc.). If you bring these to camp, [...]

What NOT to take to Camp!2017-12-28T01:39:11-07:00

What to take to camp with me?

This checklist reflects the experience of many backpackers, and should be helpful as you prepare to come for backpacking at Christikon. Of [...]

What to take to camp with me?2017-12-27T23:40:25-07:00

Food and meal times

Sharing together in the common life during meals is a significant part of the Christikon life. On the trail you’ll be sharing [...]

Food and meal times2017-12-27T23:28:18-07:00

Life in the Wilderness

What’s in store for you. While you’re out on the trail, you’ll be learning to know yourself better, and to reflect on [...]

Life in the Wilderness2017-12-27T23:25:37-07:00

Who should not go backpacking?

Most people in reasonably adequate shape can participate. People who should not be in Christikon trails programs include those who have physical [...]

Who should not go backpacking?2017-12-27T23:18:54-07:00

Is backpacking hard work?

Yes, it’s likely the trails at Christikon will challenge you physically (and mentally and spiritually, too). Trails camps are not designed simply [...]

Is backpacking hard work?2020-02-10T14:01:35-07:00
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