Daily Schedule at On-Site Camp

The Daily Schedule during a week-long camp session may look something like this: Morning Afternoon Evening Arrival Day 4 p.m. Registration [...]

Daily Schedule at On-Site Camp2024-01-16T17:34:49-07:00

Communication while at Camp

Contact with “the outside world” is limited while campers are at Christikon. Mail service is provided to the camp twice a week. [...]

Communication while at Camp2024-01-16T16:51:43-07:00

First Day at Onsite Camps

Registration. When you arrive at Christikon, you will check in at the main Lodge. You will receive your cabin assignment and meet [...]

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Life at Christikon On-Site Camps

Your Cabin. At camp, you will share a cabin with 4 to 9 other campers and a counselor. The person you specified [...]

Life at Christikon On-Site Camps2024-01-16T16:38:48-07:00

Camp Store – Canteen

The canteen has T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpack chairs, water bottles, snacks (candy, fruit, popcorn), beverages, postcards and stamps, maps, etc. Trails campers will [...]

Camp Store – Canteen2024-01-16T15:53:32-07:00


If you fish, you must do so according to the laws of Montana. Montanans under age 12, or non-residents under age 15, [...]


No Swimming

No Swimming. The river, lakes, and streams in Christikon’s area are very cold and swift-moving, and we do not have waterfront supervisory [...]

No Swimming2024-01-16T15:46:38-07:00

Cell Phone Usage

Though there is no cell reception at Christikon and internet access is not available to campers, we are mindful that most cell [...]

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Mail Service

Mail service is provided to the camp twice a week. Those who send letters to campers should consider both transit times and [...]

Mail Service2024-01-16T15:44:39-07:00
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