Packing for Christikon Trails Camps

Pack light, be prepared. Take special care as you prepare. You do not want to carry any more than you need. You [...]

Packing for Christikon Trails Camps2024-01-16T16:07:39-07:00

No Swimming

No Swimming. The river, lakes, and streams in Christikon’s area are very cold and swift-moving, and we do not have waterfront supervisory [...]

No Swimming2024-01-16T15:46:38-07:00

Cell Phone Usage

Though there is no cell reception at Christikon and internet access is not available to campers, we are mindful that most cell [...]

Cell Phone Usage2024-01-16T15:45:47-07:00

What NOT to take to Camp!

Do not bring the following items with you to camp: Music players, including Bluetooth speakers. If you bring these to camp, we [...]

What NOT to take to Camp!2024-01-16T16:16:51-07:00

What to take to camp with me – Trails Camps

Packing Check List (download it in PDF form) This checklist reflects a common experience of backpackers and should be helpful as you [...]

What to take to camp with me – Trails Camps2024-01-16T16:24:40-07:00
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