CreationCare participants will be spending up to eight hours of work days doing trails work and/or site rehabilitation, as arranged with and supervised by personnel of the U.S. Forest Service. Like other trails groups, your first night and last nights will be at the main camp. Your first and last days out on the trail will include travel to the site of your work project. There will likely be one day for hiking and/or getting up into the area high country.

Christikon and the Forest Service will be providing you with cotton work gloves, hard hats (when required), and the necessary tools (and instruction in how to use them safely). For some of the work you do, you will want to have long pants and long sleeves for added protection. Leather work gloves are also good to bring for protecting your hands.

It is hard to know in advance what the weather will be like. But it’s possible you may be working under wet and/or muddy conditions. Try to pack an extra set of work clothes if you can.