Sharing together in the common life during meals is a significant part of the Christikon life. On the trail you’ll be sharing “family style” in meals that you and others prepare for the whole group. We try to serve tasty and nutritious meals, even as we try to live within budgets and to use ingredients that don’t weigh too much or take up too much space. So there are some limitations on what we can have for meals. But we hope you’ll find the food good for you, and that you’ll participate as graciously as you can in the meals offered you.

If you have special dietary needs because of allergies or other health conditions, please let us know on your health form, and make sure we have the form well in advance of the time you are at camp. We will make every effort to accommodate medical needs. If you prefer a vegetarian diet, we hope you will be able to exercise some flexibility in that during the brief time you are with us. There’s not much meat in our menu: some tuna on one night, a bit of chicken on another.