Christikon and Covid-19

Like you, we’re keeping close tabs on the Coronavirus (a.k.a. Covid-19). Following are updates for summer guests, group leaders, donors, and friends of Christikon. If you’re wondering where Christikon is in the process, read on, and as always feel free to contact us with any questions.

Update May 18, 2020

To: Christikon Group Leaders and Guests

Fr: Pastor Mark

Re: Guest and Staff Health

In our preparation for summer we’ve added extra steps to minimizing the risk of COVID transmission. To help insure you/your group can reduce your own risks to safely gather, travel to Christikon, and fully participate in the week, we are asking you to do the following:

  • Protect yourselves and your whole group by limiting contact to others outside their family for the two weeks prior to your arrival at camp. Follow “shelter-in-place” protocols: stay close to home, wear a mask in public, and avoid unnecessary exposure
  • During those two weeks, take temperature twice daily and chart it.
  • On your departure day, collect temp logs from each group member, thereby insuring all have limited contact, are not running a fever, and are healthy and ready for the trip
  • Plan your travel to camp.
    • limit stops by bringing food and snacks along rather than going into convenience stores or restaurants
    • choose rest stops over gas stations when possible
    • use a towel or disposable glove when gassing up vehicle
    • have group members don masks during stops to minimize infection risk
    • stay with partner congregations in Billings or Bozeman. They have offered to partner with us in providing “clean rooms” for your group, where you can sleep, order food in, and thereby minimize outside contact before heading to camp the following day

Summer staff will follow the same process before they arrive, and commit to spending the entire summer up at camp and not heading to town during breaks.

Our Park County Health Department and camp physician believe that having both staff and guests follow these protocols will greatly minimize the risk of C-19 transmission, will help your group feel comfortable traveling together, and arrive at camp healthy and ready to go. We understand they involve some sacrifice on your part, and may affect other summer plans or activities.

As you know all too well, this is no ordinary time. We take these steps in addition to following all other reopening guidelines (local, state, American Camping Association, etc.) as we prepare for the season. Our hope is that by all doing these things we can feel confident everyone is healthy and ready for camp.

You’ll hear more from me before your trip, and I’m always happy to have further conversation as needed. Please call with questions, or if you are hosting a group Zoom meeting and would like me to call in for a bit, I’m happy to do that as well.

Update May 7, 2020

Summer Schedule Update

Hi, Friends. As we move through Montana’s phased reopening we’re starting to get a better sense of summer camp options. Knowing things can still change in the coming weeks, here’s what we know and are planning as of now:


  • On the advice of the Park County Health Department and our camp physician, our June sessions are rescheduled for later in the summer. Both health experts say Phase I is going well thus far, and express “cautious optimism” that we’ll continue on a good path in the reopening process.
  • DD camp (originally June 15-18) is rescheduled for August 3-6
  • Confirmation and Sojourners camps (originally June 21-26) will be added to the July 11-17 Prospectors Jr High week. That camp is a day longer, but for Confirmation and Sojourners campers who can make the switch, we’ll honor the price quoted for the earlier session. There is also still the option for Confirmation Camp leaders to use their own curriculum during that week
  • All campers who registered for June sessions will be called individually, and we’ll post updates to our website, Facebook and Instagram pages as well.
  • Summer staff report June 7 (instead of May 29) and will quarantine for two weeks as per Phase I requirements. They will train in June and help open the campsite

At this point July and August schedules remain the same, though we’ll continue to monitor information/recommendations from health agencies, our camp physician, county, state and Forest Service guidelines, the American Camping Association, etc., and respond accordingly. We take guest and staff health very seriously.

It’s important as well to say that we continue to look towards the future with hope. In one form or another ministry will happen at Christikon this summer, and we anticipate what God has in store. Thanks for all your prayers and support. As always, please contact us with any questions.

Update April 22, 2020

Some Positive News to Share:

Because Montana has one of the lowest number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalization, and due to stringent efforts to control the spread, Governor Steve Bullock just held a press conference during which he announced the start of phased reopening of the state that (is/has):


(taken directly from MT C-19 website)

Beginning this weekend places of worship, organized youth activities, businesses, etc. can begin in limited capacity, still recognizing strict physical distancing requirements.

For businesses, employers and others, we’re asked to develop and implement appropriate policies, in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations and guidance, and informed by industry best practices, regarding:

  • Social distancing and protective equipment.
  • Temperature checks and/or symptom screening.
  • Collaborate with public health on testing, isolating, and contact tracing.
  • Sanitation.
  • Use and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas (all things Christikon has planned for).

Much to continue praying for, and still a ways to go, but encouraging nonetheless.


Mark Donald
Executive Director

Update Palm Sunday April 5, 2020

Updates for summer guests, group leaders, donors, and friends of Christikon:

Guests/Group Leaders

At this point we’re still on our regular summer schedule, camp remains under roughly 3 feet of snow, and it’s still 3+ months before most of you arrive.
In preparation for the season, we’re:

  • Reviewing with our camp physician all health and cleaning procedures
  • Planning for additional handwashing/sanitizing stations for both in camp and on trail
  • Reviewing other camp programs and practices (for example, holding hands before meals, during prayer) and altering/adjusting as needed
  • Monitoring C-19 trajectory, recommendations from local, state and federal health agencies, American Camping Association, etc.
  • Praying (for pretty much everything and everyone)

I’ve spoken with or left messages for all of you in the last couple weeks. Many of you told me how much you’re looking forward to the trip and being together with your kids again rather than relying solely on online ministry. We’re still receiving registrations for summer, and I’m happy to speak with anyone about setting up payment plans or other ways we can help facilitate your trip.

Donors/friends of camp

Please read the information above so you’re aware of what we’re doing in preparation for the upcoming season. The economic realities of this pandemic affect us all, and Christikon is no exception. Coronavirus forced the cancelation of our Benefit Auction this month, our big fundraiser of the year and a $30,000+ loss in critical operations funding. If you are in the position where income remains steady and you’d like and are able to help, some options:

  • Gift a portion of your upcoming $1200 stimulus check
  • Support our camper scholarship fund ($700 fully funds a camper in need for the week–$450 covers registration fee)
  • Support a staff person ($5000 covers all expenses for the summer, $3450 covers salary, $500 covers one staff for a week)
  • Make a gift to cover general camp expenses, or choose a specific program (i.e. trails room gear, equipment for upcoming archery or disc golf program expansion)
  • Have an old Ferrari in the garage you no longer drive? We’ll take it, and just think how well it would handle bringing a load of food up the camp road! 😀

We give thanks for all the ways you support the work and mission of Christikon. Please do keep us in prayer as we prepare for the upcoming season. We pray for you and yours as well in this new “normal” we’re all living through.

We know news is mostly bleak right now, and will likely remain that way in the coming days and weeks. That said, we remain hopeful things will improve as we move through spring, give thanks for the incredible resiliency, creativity and bravery we witness, and for progress (no matter how small it seems) we see.

God bless you and yours this Holy Week and Easter, and on this day.


Mark Donald
Executive Director