Adult & Family Programs

Come up to camp for some “unplugged” time with family and friends, both new and old. We offer programming for both adults and kids, free time for hiking, fishing, napping, games, and simply enjoying the beauty of the Boulder River Valley, and other activities and worship designed for all.

Options include a work weekend to help get camp ready for the season, a continuing education week for clergy and interested laypeople, and a weekend family camp. Christikon staff serve as hosts, offer options for children during adult sessions, and lead games, hikes, worship and other activities. Meals are made from scratch and served family-style around large tables.

Memorial Day Work Weekend

3 Nights

No Charge

Help prepare Christikon for the summer season during this “long weekend” that includes Memorial Day. We provide food, lodging, fellowship, work, and worship opportunities―all without cost. Bring with you a willing spirit, hand tools for various maintenance, repair, sewing, and cleaning projects, and plenty of elbow grease. Meals are served from Friday supper through Monday lunch.

Developmentally Disabled Adults Session

3 Nights


For adults 18 years and older whose disability is primarily connected with intellectual development.

The session offers opportunities for enjoyment of the mountain setting and growth in caring relationships. Included are hiking, group recreation, crafts, work projects, shared responsibilities, sharing of talents, music, etc. Christikon staff people reside in the cabins with the campers, and provide program leadership.

NEW — Registration for this camp is now available online.

Continuing Education Retreat

3 Nights

$300 per adult
$150 per child (6-17 yrs)
Free for children under 6
$750 Max per family
$50 deposit on registration

Running from Monday supper through Thursday lunch, this retreat is designed particularly for rostered ministers, interested lay people, and their families. It is sponsored with the ELCA Montana Synod’s continuing education program. Our special guest(s) and program are listed below.

Family Maximum presumes parent/guardian and their children 17 years old and under

Mountain Weekend

2 Nights

$175 per adult
$90 per child (6-17 yrs)
Free for children under 6
$450 Max per family
$50 deposit on registration

Christikon summer staff serve as hosts for each family, and offer options for children during sessions for adults. They are available for child care at other times as well. Meals are served Friday supper through Sunday lunch. Can easily be paired with registering for the Continuing Ed Retreat as well.

Family Maximum presumes parent/guardian and their children 17 years old and under

Former Staff Reunion

3 Nights

$260 per adult
$130 per child > 6 through 12
$0 children < 6
Family Maximum $600

Family Maximum presumes parent/guardian and their children 17 years old and under

Adult Backpacking

Dates and Fees to be arranged as needed

Christikon can host groups of adults (couples, young adults, one-gender groups, older adults, etc.) in the magnificent mountain wilderness surrounding camp. Groups must have at least six people, and can have no more than twelve. Two Christikon staff lead each group.

Dates can be arranged within the context of youth camp trails sessions. Youth sessions cover six nights (four in the backcountry, first and last nights at camp). Your group can reduce the number of days in the back country to 2 or 3; but at least 3 is recommended.

You arrive the afternoon of the first day of the session, stay overnight at camp for orientation and packing-out, and head into the wilderness the next morning. You remain in the back country for 2, 3, or 4 nights, and return to Christikon the afternoon of your last day on the trail. Typically, the group leaves Christikon early the next morning after staying overnight at camp, but some adult groups may choose to leave Christikon once they are packed in and cleaned up. Your route can be tailored to your group. You may do a three or four-night backcountry loop, or you may arrange for setting up a two to four-night base camp from which you day-hike (so you carry packs only the first and last days). Our staff people can lead the program; or they can work with you in shared program leadership for Bible study, Quiet Time and worship. You may also register as a CreationCare session.

CreationCare is arranged with Director Mark Donald, if you do have a group of at least 6 that would be interested in booking, please contact us. CreationCare is much like backpacking. You and your group set up a base cap in the wilderness above our main site. You share in the regular Christikon trails program, including worship and Bible study. You’ll spend about eight hours of work each day helping to build and repair Forest Service trails, or rehabilitating damaged areas in the wilderness. The session is 7 days, 6 nights. Minimum group size is 6 guests; maximum group size is 13 guests.