Welcome to Christikon

Since 1951, Christikon has been a special place for spiritual growth and renewal with friends, old and new; an intentional Christian community where all are welcome, chosen, cherished, loved, forgiven, redeemed, and made worthy by none other than Jesus Christ himself.

Worship begins and ends each day. We study the Bible together, take time to reflect and be alone with God. We work hard, play hard, enjoy time together and time apart, with time for worship & prayer, and time for silliness and song.

Christikon is a place of joy that lifts up God’s gift of life. A place for you. You don’t have to be Lutheran to be at Christikon. Come with your questions, your doubts, your challenges, and joys. All are welcome.

National Forest Permit area is located in the Custer Gallatin National Forest

Christikon’s commitment to the love of God revealed in Jesus and through Jesus’ followers was evident from the moment we set foot in camp… The worship and bible studies were extremely well-crafted, deep, and invited a lot of conversation. The outdoor element of Christikon’s ministry simply can’t be replicated in many other settings.

Pastor Mike Pancoast, South Santiago Lutheran Church

It is difficult to overstate the impact that Christikon has made on my life. My time spent up the Boulder, both as a camper and staff, has deeply shaped who I am and how I see the world and my place in it. While working in the the grandeur of God’s creation, surrounded by a community of people who will walk with you from your best moments to your worst, it is easy to see God’s work and find ways to be a part of it.

Phil Hanson, Christikon Staff - 2013, 2015, and 2016

Thank you for making our granddaughter’s first Christikon experience so wonderful. She’s ready to come back next summer. You’ve got the next generation hooked! Bless you all!

Becca Oberly, Grandparent
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Work WeekendOn-SiteMay 27-303Family/Adult Session
DD CampOn-SiteJune 14-17318 years old and over
Sojourners CampOn-SiteJune 19-256Ages 11-13
Prospectors 1On-SiteJune 19-256Grades 6-8
MT Synod Wide Confirmation CampOn-SiteJune 19-256Confirmation or
Grades 6-8
Pathfinders CampOn-SiteJuly 5-83Grades 4-6
Mountaineers Camp 1TrailsJuly 9-156Grades 9-12 and/or Adults
*CreationCare 1 - FULLTrailsJuly 9-156Grades 9-12 and/or Adults. Contact Director for Availability
Prospectors 2On-SiteJuly 9-156Grades 6-8
Wayfarers Camp 1Base Camp TrailsJuly 9-156Grades 6-8
Wayfarers Camp 2Base Camp TrailsJuly 17-236Grades 6-8
Trailblazers CampOn-SiteJuly 17-236Grades 9-12
Mountaineers Camp 2TrailsJuly 17-236Grades 9-12
*CreationCare 2TrailsJuly 17-236Grades 9-12 and/or Adults. Contact Director for Availability
Mountaineers Camp 3TrailsJuly 24-306Grades 9-12
Continuing Education RetreatOn-SiteJuly 25-283Family/Adult Session
Mountain WeekendOn-SiteJuly 29-312Family/Adult Session
*CreationCare 3TrailsJuly 29-316Grades 9-12 and/or Adults. Contact Director for Availability
*CreationCareSessions may be arranged during Trails weeks by contacting the Director.