Staff Schedule

2017 Schedule for Staff People

GamesBeginning Date: Staff employment at Christikon begins on Monday, May 29th, with the staff training session.

Early arrival for certain staff: Staff people, especially those who serve in the kitchen, maintenance, trails room, office, or health care positions are encouraged to consider arriving a week or more early, when possible, to help accomplish related work that needs to be done before the staff training period starts. Early arrival may also be arranged with those who will be serving as counseling staff. Actual starting dates can be negotiated with the Director.

Ending Date: Most staff will complete their Christikon employment early on Wednesday morning, August 9.

Staff Training: All staff are expected to participate during the full staff training period, May 29-June 12. A second unit of backpacking training is scheduled June 26-July 1, and is required for all staff who will be counseling in the trails program. The staff backpack is optional for staff who will not be participating in trails offerings.

Beyond the basic season: Sometimes we may have need for 1 or 2 staff people to remain through Labor Day, until September 4, to help provide basic support service and hosting for special retreats and family/adult sessions during that period. Arrangements for employment until Labor Day may be made during the summer, but can also be made at the time a Work Agreement is signed.

Time off: Generally, there is a period of at least 24 hours free from duties for all staff people after each session, running from noon on the concluding day of a session until noon the next day. Additional full-day breaks during summer, 2017, are scheduled on June 17, June 25, July 2-3, July 11,  July 20-21, and July 30.

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