Salary and Benefits

2017 Salary and Benefits Information

Christikon staff salaries are as uniform as possible, though consideration is also given to experience and special responsibilities. Generally, a person is employed with a single position designation; but flexibility of job description is important. Most staff people will be rotated between counseling and support staff positions as the summer progresses.

Salary for 2017 is $3,280 for the basic season. This provides an average of $328 per week for the 10-week season. Food and lodging, use of equipment, etc., are also provided. A similar salary basis is used during any additional periods worked before or after the basic season.

Bonuses: Modest increments are added to salary for experience and prior certifications (which must be current for the entire season), as follows:

  • For each previous year’s experience as full-season camp staff: $50
  • Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certification: $40
  • CPR certification: $10
  • EMT certification: $100
  • Graduate Nurse serving as Health Care Manager: $150
  • Registered Nurse serving as Health Care Manager: $250
  • Staff with special responsibilities may receive additional increments.

Deductions: Christikon is required to withhold from salaries for state income and payroll taxes, federal income tax (when employee is not exempt), and social security taxes. Deductions from salary are also made for days of work missed in excess of sick days and personal leave.

Insurance: Statutory Workers’ Compensation is provided for all staff, covering injuries sustained while on the job. In addition, staff members are covered for other accidental injury (up to $3000). This latter insurance comes into play after other family or personal health insurance. Christikon will pay the deductible on any claims filed under this insurance.