Maintenance Supervisor


Minimum Qualifications

  • Commitment to the Christian faith, and a reasonable ability to articulate that commitment in ways appropriate to Christikon’s ministry and constituency.
  • Desire and ability to live together and work with other staff and with campers in an intensive and intentional Christian community.
  • Good character, integrity, adaptability, enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, self-control.
  • Maturity, common sense, good judgment.
  • Desire and ability to live in, work in and move about the mountainous terrain in which the camp is located.
  • Ability to accept guidance and supervision.
  • At least one year beyond high school, and at least 19 years of age during the camping season.

General Responsibilities

  • Carry out and provide necessary support for Christikon’s camping program in ways appropriate to Christikon’s Mission Statement.
  • Share responsibility for shaping a community of staff, campers and other guests that is grounded in Christian faith.
  • Follow and support Christikon goals, policies and procedures, and interpret them to campers, guests, and other staff.
  • Plan and lead worship, Bible study introductions, and group recreation as assigned.
  • Prepare for and participate in staff meetings and supervisory conferences.
  • Complete evaluations at the end of each camp session.
  • Lead “interest groups” during camp sessions according to one’s skills, background and interests, and as time and other assigned responsibilities permit.

Maintenance Supervisor

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Good driving record
  • Self-starter and organizer

Responsible to: Director

General Responsibility: Provide general maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment according to Christikon maintenance policies and procedures.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Daily collect waste from all waste receptacles.
  2. Daily check water system, filling chlorinator and replacing filter bags as needed.
  3. Daily measure chlorine levels in water, and record in log.
  4. Daily monitor all light bulbs in camp, and replace as needed.
  5. Operate, maintain, and keep records concerning the camp vehicle(s) according to vehicle policies and procedures.
  6. Make hauling trips to town or elsewhere for food and other supplies, for necessary garbage removal, and for necessary camper/staff transportation.
  7. Make purchases in town of items recorded on the “Needed in Town” list, recording purchase price on the list at the time of purchase. Save all receipts and invoices, and turn them in to the camp office upon returning.
  8. Be responsible for all camp tools and equipment according to camp policies and procedures, checking them out and in, seeing that tools are used correctly, and stored properly.
  9. Report to the Director any need for additional tools or tool repair that cannot be accomplished at camp.
  10. Supervise camper/staff service projects, helping to line up necessary materials and equipment, and making sure projects are done properly and safely. If you are going to be gone during service projects, make necessary arrangements with responsible staff; and check upon your return to see that arrangements were carried out properly.
  11. Keep the storage areas in and around the Tool Shed clean and orderly.
  12. Light campfires for evening worship, as needed.
  13. Monitor inventory of maintenance supplies and equipment, and place orders when necessary with Director or Head Cook to ensure timely arrival of supplies.
  14. Do various maintenance projects that arise: fixing, repairing, building, or replacing as necessary.
  15. Wash out garbage room each time garbage is hauled to town.
  16. Maintain inventory of maintenance supplies and equipment.
  17. Maintain grounds and facilities to reduce risk of danger or injury to persons using them.
  18. Monitor septic systems.
  19. These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

Essential Functions

  1. Ability to use equipment and tools safely and effectively.
  2. Ability to safely operate manual transmission vehicle(s).
  3. Ability to observe what maintenance projects need to be done.
  4. Strength and endurance to lift, dig, load, unload, repair, etc.
  5. Ability to communicate with staff and campers when supervising projects and/or providing tool safety and usage training.

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