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There are several possibilities when you make a gift to Christikon. If this is your first time making a gift online to us, please read through this information before you move to the next page to make your gift. When you click on  GIVE NOW below (or above), you will be taken to our secure web site. There you will be able to choose:

  • The kind(s) of gift(s) you would like to make. There are different ways to direct your gift, or you may indicate the gift may be used wherever it is most needed. If you wish, you may divide your contribution among more than one possibility.
  • The amount of your gift. You decide how much you would like to give. If you choose to give through more than one kind of gift, the form will list the total of your contribution before you confirm it.
  • The method of giving you would like use to make your gift. You may use your credit card, or you may authorize an electronic funds transfer from your savings or checking account at your bank.
  • Whether you would like your gift to be in memory of or in honor of someone special to you. You may also give us the name and address of a person or family to whom we should send acknowledgement of your memorial gift or your honorary gift.

Kinds of Gifts

Gift – for use where needed. If you put an amount in this box, your gift will go to support Christikon’s ongoing work in the ways it is most needed in the year ahead.

Gift – CTC membership. A gift amount in this box indicates you desire to identify yourself with the network of generous people who have become members in the Christikon Trailblazers Club (CTC). People who are CTC members give at least $100 annually to the camp for its annual needs, either in a one-time gift or in  periodic gifts throughout the year; and they pledge to consider similar giving in the year ahead.

Gift – camp scholarshipsA gift amount in this box will be directed toward Christikon’s scholarship program. We want no one to stay away from camp because the camp fee is beyond their means. Donors who direct their gift to Scholarships want specifically to help young people, at-risk kids, and/or developmentally disabled adults participate in the Christikon life, especially when their personal and family resources are not sufficient. If you want your gift directed specifically towards scholarships for Sojourners at-risk kids, or towards scholarships for developmentally disabled adults, type “Sojourners” or “Dev. Disabled” in the text box next to the “Other” field in the form.

Gift – camp improvementsA gift amount in this box will be directed towards improvements in camp facilities and/or purchase of necessary equipment for camp operations and the camp program.

Other. You may direct  your gift towards a special use other than those listed above, by putting an amount in this box, and then entering a brief description of the purpose to which you are directing your gift.

Methods of Giving

Credit Card. You may use MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.

Electronic Funds Transfer. You may use the secure online form to authorize your bank to transfer funds electronically from your checking account or your savings account.

Automatic monthly gift.  You may even authorize a monthly donation to Christikon using either your credit card or an electronic funds transfer from your bank. Contact us for information.

Gifts In Memory Of or In Honor Of” Someone

If you would like part or all of your gift listed as in memory of a loved one, or in honor of someone special: Choose the designation you want from the drop-down box, and then type in the name of the person you are memorializing or honoring in the appropriate box near the bottom of the form. If you are honoring an occasion (anniversary, wedding, birthday, etc.) utilize understandable abbreviations as necessary (for example, “wdg: FirstName LastName/FirstName LastName”). Or, if the information doesn’t fit in the boxes well, or needs further clarification, you can always send an e-mail message to us to provide needed explanation, or call our office at 406 656-1969.

If you would like us to send an acknowledgement of your memorial or honorary gift to a person or family: Type in the contact information in the “Please Notify:” boxes.

If you would like to list more than one designated memorialized or honored person: We will be happy to acknowledge additional memorials or honorees. Since there is only one box for the name of someone to be memorialized or honored, and the available space is limited, it would help insure that we get our newsletter listings accurate (and send acknowledgments to the appropriate people) if you would divide your gift, and make two gifts (or the number needed), each with just one name. An exception to this might be something like: “In memory of John and Jane Smith.” We apologize for the extra time making additional gifts will take; but we do want information to be accurate. Or, you may make a single gift online, and then send an e-mail message to us detailing the information we need to list and notify correctly; or you may call our office at 406 656-1969.

Ready to make your gift? Click the GIVE NOW button below, and you will be taken to our secure web site.