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Youth Bible Studypicptlong-82x300It has been going on for over sixty years: Sharing in the Christikon life, young people discover fresh possibilities for Christ centered community, and they begin to see a new way to be who they really are. Families experience times of re-creation and re-connection. Developmentally disabled persons encounter caring staff and new joy in living. Staff people grow in grace and service. In so many different ways, people in the Christikon life find themselves touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ; and surprising things have begun to happen because of it.

As we continue the Christikon tradition of outdoor ministry, the promise continues. We’re looking forward to welcoming hundreds of people into the Christikon life next summer. We’ll continue using the new Living Center to enhance our summer program with families and adults and to expand the ways we can serve our congregations beyond the summer season. And there’s much more in store…

The challenges continue, too, as does our need for ongoing ministry support from Christikon friends and family, like you. We rely on gifts from individuals and congregations to help us provide scholarship aid, to acquire new backpacks, tents, and other equipment, to maintain and upgrade facilities where time, weather and camper use have taken their toll, and to recruit and train competent and dedicated staff people. There are so many dimensions in our work, and the list of our needs can go on and on.

Will you help us? As we covet your prayers for Christikon, we also invite your financial support. You may now contribute on-line at our secure gifts/payments page, using your credit card or authorizing an electronic funds transfer from your bank account. Or you may mail your gift to us at:

1108 24th Street West
Billings, MT 59102-3810
(406) 656-1969

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