Sojourners Camp

Sojourners for at-risk youth ages 11-13

July 10-16, 2018

Eric ThorsonSojourners
is offered by Christikon without charge to at-risk youth ages 11-13. It provides opportunity for adventure, community, learning, and growth. It seeks to develop respect for self and others, a sense of life’s meaning, an ability to engage challenges resourcefully, and a sense of wonder, all with trained leaders in Christikon’s mountain wilderness setting.

“At-risk youth” are those who may be experiencing significant challenges in their lives, or lacking any resources important for their development. Perhaps there is an absent parent. Perhaps they are in families who are struggling economically. Perhaps they have shown declining performance in school, emotional or behavioral problems, or have experimented with alcohol, drugs, or sexual acting-out. Perhaps they have a family member who is imprisoned or on parole.

Sojourners campers join together at Christikon with youth of the same age who are registered for the camp’s Prospectors 2 session. For campers in both sessions, their cabin group forms the core of their small-group experience at camp; and with that group they will be hiking, going on an overnight away from camp, engaging in Bible studies and discussion, and working at service projects. All campers and staff together share meals, worship and numerous recreational and growth activities. Besides the two Christikon counselors who provide program leadership for each cabin group, an adult experienced in working with at-risk youth will join each Sojourners cabin group.
Julie DonaldIn the Sojourners program we do not assume any religious or church background, and converting kids to our version of the Christian faith is not our intention. Instead, we hope campers share the experience of having a significant life together infused with friendship and grace, that they might take something of value from the encounter; and we are committed to respect for all campers’ faith traditions and backgrounds of every kind. We believe we can pursue these goals with Sojourners kids within the context of our Mission Statement.

Christikon is located about two hours south of Big Timber, Montana. (Click here for more information on the camp.) Christikon provides a bus for campers to ride to and from camp without charge. The bus leaves from Billings and makes stops at Laurel, Columbus and Big Timber.

Coordinator for the Sojourners program is Julie Donald, who teaches in the Billings school system and who has had significant experience with at-risk youth in a variety of educational (and other) settings.

SJ-GirlsDressUpTo register a Sojourners camper: There is space for twelve boys and for twelve girls in the Sojourners camp session. For each camper, a confidential Referral Form must be completed by a social worker, counselor or religious professional. To register a camper, first click on Sojourner Registration link below. Then click on the link to the Referral Form. You may download that form in either Microsoft Word format or in .pdf format, print it out, and mail it to us. Or, if you would prefer to complete the Referral Form online and return it to us as an e-mail attachment, you are welcome to do so, at Or, the Christikon office can also mail you a copy of the Referral Form, for you to complete and mail back to us. Acceptance into the Sojourners program is determined by the Coordinators.

Once a child is registered, the Christikon office will send a registration packet to each camper by mail, including information on the camp and what to take, and a bus schedule. The health and permission forms information is in red below.

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