Youth Sessions

Trailblazers, Prospectors, Pathfinders, Sojourners

MeadowGames2-300x195On-site-based Youth Camping

So much is in store for you: life together and life in solitude. Worship and work. Excitement and reflection. Trained staff people who care about you. Old and new friends. On-site, you share in program possibilities for both large and small groups. But you also hike into the mountain wilderness surrounding us. And if you’re in Trailblazers or Prospectors, you spend a night camping out away from our main site.

Within the larger community, you’ll belong to a “family group” with seven other campers and a counselor, for hiking, service projects, Bible study, and other activities. Note: If you are finishing grade six, you may register for either Pathfinders or the longer Prospectors session.

Trailblazers (8 days, 7 nights ― for youth completing grades 9-12) . Cost coming soon.

We added a day due to popular demand to this session.

July 23-30, 2016 

Prospectors (7 days, 6 nights ― for youth completing grades 6-8). Cost coming soon.

I. June 19-25, 2016 

II. July 13-19, 2016 

Pathfinders (4 days, 3 nights ― for youth completing grades 4-6). Cost $195. 

July 5-8, 2016



Line-1dSenior High Backpacking

High adventure: when you backpack at Christikon, you journey into some of the world’s most lovely country. And you journey with others more deeply into the adventure of faith.

Backpacking takes more energy and endurance than on-site camping, but it’s well worth the extra effort. You spend your first and last nights at out main camp. But the rest of the time you are hiking through our mountain wilderness. And you find a special life together: worship and Bible study are woven together with the exhilaration of high country camping.

Two trained counselors join your group as guides and program leaders. Christikon provides you with backpacks, tents, cooking gear, and food. You supply your own sleeping bag, hiking boots, rain gear, and clothing. Groups are limited to ten guests.(7 days, 6 nights ― for youth completing grades 9-12). Minimum group size is 6 guests; maximum group size is 12 guests. Up to four trails groups may be out at the same time.

Mountaineers Backpacking (7 days, 6 nights — 5 days, 4 nights in back country — for youth completing grades 9-12)  Cost: coming soon

I.  July 5-11, 2016

II.  July 13-19, 2016

III. July 23-30, 2016 Note: we added a day due to popular demand

IV. August 1-7, 2016

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