Christikon Sojourners Registration Form

  1. Complete the Registration Form below.
  2. If the camper will be riding the camp bus, indicate where the camper will be boarding.
  3. When you click the “Submit” button below to send the information, your registration will be acknowledged by an automatic on-line Confirmation Form. When we receive the information, our office will send by mail a Health History form, a Permission to Participate form, a bus schedule (if camper is riding the bus), and a list of items to bring to camp, as well as other information to help you prepare for your time at Christikon.
  4. After submitting the Registration Form, click on the link to the Sojourners Referral Form. You may choose to access it in either Microsoft Word format or in .pdf format, print it out, and mail it to us to complete the camper’s registration. Or, if you would prefer to complete the Referral Form online and return it to us as an e-mail attachment, you are welcome to do so, at . Or, the Christikon office can also mail you a copy of the Referral Form, for you to complete and mail back to us. Acceptance into the Sojourners program is determined by the Coordinators.

All information you enter here will not be shared beyond the Christikon office and Sojourners Coordinators.

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Make sure the information above is correct. When you click the button to send this information to Christikon, and you will receive a Confirmation Form.

Now: click here to go to the Sojourners Camper Referral Form