Adult & Family Registration

Christikon Registration Form for Families and Adults

(The form below is for registering family and adult campers. If you are making reservations for a youth group, please click here to go to the Group Reservations page)

(If you want to register an individual for a youth camp session, please click here.)

  1. Complete the Registration Form below. If you have already submitted the information, click here to make your payment.
  2. A pre-registration deposit of $50 is necessary to complete your registration for family/adult sessions other than the Work Weekend. After you enter your information and send it to us, you will click on the “Make Payment” button at the bottom to send us your deposit using your credit card or an electronic transfer of funds from your checking or savings account. The remaining camp fee is due when you arrive at camp; but the full camp fee may also be paid in full online either now or later. The $50 deposit is not refundable, though any amount paid over the deposit can be refunded to you.
  3. We will acknowledge your registration by mail, and include information to help you prepare for your time at Christikon.

All information you enter here will not be shared outside the Christikon office.

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Your registration is not complete until you have made a deposit or payment (except for Work Weekend). See below.

Next, when you click on Make Payment below, you will be taken to our secure web site, to send your deposit (or pay the full camp fee, if you wish). There you will enter information about your credit card or bank account. You will also enter the amount you wish to pay in the appropriate box(es).

Also, it would help us in our office if you would type in the name of the family or adult whose pre-registration and/or fee is being paid. Put the name in the empty field near the bottom of the payment form across from the word “other.”

Except for the Work Weekend, the required pre-registration fee is $50, unless you are paying a greater amount or the full camp fee.

Deposit (minimum required)

Camp Fee

If housed in Living Center for Work Weekend; if housed elsewhere, no deposit.

Deposit of $50 required


Work Weekend, May 26-29, 2017; No deposit; no charge, unless housed in the Living Center : $TBD per night per room

Mountain Weekend 1, July 7-9, 2017: $TBD per adult, $TBD per child ages 6-12, no charge for children under 6 with a family maximum of $TBD. For those housed in the Living Center, additional $TBD per night per room. 

Continuing Education Retreat, July 31 -Aug 3, 2017: $TBD camp fee per  adult, $TBD camp fee per child ages 6-12, no charge for children under 6. For those housed in Living Center add $TBD per night per room

Mountain Weekend 2, August 4-6, 2017: $1TBD per adult, $TBD per child ages 6-12, no charge for children under 6 with a family maximum of $TBD. For those housed in the Living Center, additional $TBD per night per room. 

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