Shape of Christikon Life

gateIt is the mission of Christikon to awaken and nurture faith in Christ – exploring God’s creation and the adventure of life together.  more on Christikon’s mission ->

Christikon is a camp of the church. As such, it seeks to fulfill its calling to be an arm of ministry for its congregations.
Christikon is not an outfitting service. We do not simply provide “high adventure” camping, though we believe people find much adventure in the Christikon life. We don’t focus on the technical mountain skills such as rappelling or rock climbing. Rather, we try to develop our program so the entire Christikon life may be an encounter with the gospel, an experience of being the church together, an opportunity for growth and nurture in the faith. And all of it happens in the middle of a magnificent outdoor setting.

We offer:

Theological integrity. We are committed to embodying the gospel of Jesus Christ in our life together. We look to scripture as the authoritative witness to the gospel, and we willingly find ourselves interpreting that witness in light of the Lutheran Confessions

Competent staff people. Our staff people spend three weeks of the summer preparing for their responsibilities. They are trained to offer program leadership in areas of worship and Bible study, health and safety, risk management, outdoor living, and recreation. All are college-age or older

A life together centered in worship. We are convinced that God’s word to us in Jesus Christ constitutes us as the family of faith, and worship is central to our life together. We hold together both the riches of the tradition and the experience of the current life. Worship brackets each day, and we take worship leadership seriously.

Intensive and intentional community. In both on-site-based programs and out on the trails, small group experience provides opportunity for growth together in the common life, and development of deep friendships. We seek ways to understand such community in the context of the Body of Christ and the communion of saints.

Majestic mountain country. Christikon is located near the middle of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area, just north of Yellowstone National Park, in some of the loveliest country on  earth. Our setting offers great opportunity to experience the outdoors, and hiking is a significant part of our program. Because of who we are, we foster an appreciation of it all not simply as nature, but as Creation.

Relatively low cost. Our fees are among the lowest available, on a per day basis, for the kinds of programs we offer. Our sessions are generally one or two days longer than those of many other church camps, in order to accommodate itineraries to the area terrain, and to allow sufficient time for both community and individual growth. Support from our member congregations, gifts from friends, dedicated personnel, and efficient operation help us to keep costs within reach.

We are excited to share the Christikon life with you. Welcome to Christikon!

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