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Welcome to the Christikon Life in the Residential (On-site) Program

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Life at Christikon: Cabin • The Family Group • The Large Group • The Overnight • The Life of Faith • Food and Meal Times

Your First Day at Camp: Registration • Health Screening & Medications • The Canteen Bank

Other Information/Policies: Bath Houses • Accident/Health Insurance • Campers’ Vehicles • No Swimming • Camp Store (Canteen) • Fishing • Communications While at Camp • When Parents will be Notified • Use of Campers’ Images • What to Take to Camp

Life at Christikon

Your cabin. At camp, you’ll share a cabin with 4-9 other campers and a counselor. The person you specified as a cabin mate on your registration card will also be with you in the cabin.

Your Family Group. You’ll also be part of a Family Group. During some sessions your Family Group will be your Cabin Group. At other sessions your Family Group will be a group of six to eight campers (half male, half female), along with a counselor, and possibly an adult advisor. (Your specified cabin mate will also be with you in the family group.) The Family Group is pretty important in the Christikon life. With those people you’ll do Bible study, service projects, hiking, meal-time dishes and bath house cleaning, program planning, etc.

The Large Group. Not everything happens in the Family Groups, though. You’ll also share with the whole camp community in meals, worship, recreation, and other activities. During “Interest Group” times you will also have opportunity to choose among several program options with campers who are not necessarily a part of your Cabin or Family Group.

The Overnight. A regular part of camp life in week-long camp sessions is an overnight camping trip away from the main camp. You’ll hike out with your Family Group, carrying your bedding and necessary supplies. While you’re out, you’ll be sharing in 4 meals, Bible study, worship and Quiet Time and other group activities. You return to camp the next day. The overnight provides a special way for Family Group members to become more a part of each others’ lives. It also gives you a chance to experience some of the wilderness high country surrounding camp.

The Life of Faith. We also hope that camp will help you grow in your faith. You don’t have to be a Lutheran to be at Christikon—you don’t even have to be a believer. But the faith shapes our life together at Christikon. We worship together at the beginning and end of every day. We take time each day to study the Bible together. We usually have daily Quiet Time, so each of us can have a brief chance to be alone with the Word before God. And there are all kinds of unscheduled times where we find ourselves challenged and deepened.

Food and Meal Times. Sharing together in the common life at the meal table is a significant part of the Christikon life. Meals are served “family style.” We try to serve tasty and nutritious meals, even as we try to live within budgets and work in a location where getting supplies to camp is a major undertaking. If you have special dietary needs because of allergies or other health conditions, please let us know on your health form, and make sure we have the form well in advance of the time you are at camp. We will make every effort to accommodate medical needs. If you prefer a vegetarian diet, we hope you will be able to exercise some flexibility in that during the brief time you are with us.

Your First Day at Camp

Registration. When you arrive at Christikon, you will complete your registration in the main Lodge. Any fees you have remaining due are paid at that time. Then you’ll receive your cabin assignment and meet your Counselor, who will take you to your cabin to get “settled in.”

Health Screening and Medications Management. When you register, the packet of information you receive will include a health form which requires the signature of a parent or guardian, and the signature of a physician. This health form helps us to to provide appropriate medical care when necessary. The form should be mailed to the camp at least three weeks before you arrive at camp.

You will go through a brief health screening, where one of our staff (under the direction of our Health Care Manager) will go over your Health Form with you, and discuss any special needs you may have. You will need to turn in any medications you bring with you to camp. Following the accreditation standards of the American Camp Association, Christikon must have all medications (including non-prescription ones) under the control of the Camp Health Manager (or the appropriate counselor when persons are away from camp). Special arrangements are made during health screening with campers who must carry certain medications with them at all times (e.g. asthma inhalers).

The Canteen Bank. To safeguard any money you bring with you for refreshments, Canteen purchases, etc., we strongly encourage you to make use of the “Canteen Bank.” During the first night’s refreshment time, take all your cash to the Canteen and deposit it in your personal account. During the week, you may draw on it for Canteen purchases; and at the end of the session, any unused cash will be returned to you prior to your departure.

Other Information and Christikon Policies

Bath houses at Christikon have showers, sinks, stools, etc. Youth campers ordinarily use the Central and North Bath Houses.

Accident/Health Insurance. “Excess-only” insurance is carried on all campers to cover medical expenses resulting from accidental injury (up to $3000) and illness (up to $750) that will not be covered by the camper’s own family health insurance. The $25 deductible on each claim must be covered by a camper’s family. Notice of intent to file a claim with the camp’s insurance must be made within sixty days of the accident or illness. Claim forms are available from the camp.

Campers’ Vehicles. Any vehicles campers bring to camp must be parked and locked in the Parking Area and not used during the camp session.

No Swimming. Because the river, lakes and streams in Christikon’s area are very cold and swift-moving, and because we do not have waterfront supervisory staff, swimming is not permitted in the Christikon program.

The Camp Store (Canteen). The canteen has T-shirts ($12-$15), sweat shirts ($22-$40), backpack chairs ($35) water bottles ($9), snacks (candy, fruit, popcorn), beverages, postcards and stamps, maps, etc. (Actual prices may vary slightly from these.)

Fishing. If you fish, you must do so according to the laws of Montana. Montanans under age 12, or non-residents under age 15, may fish on an adult’s license when accompanied by the license-holder. Fishing licenses are required for anyone age 15 and above, or non-resident youth under 15 who wish to fish independently of a licensed adult. We no longer sell fishing licenses at camp, but you may get them online before you come to camp at, or make a purchase at camp using a camp computer/printer and your credit card. See that Web site also for license costs and options (All licensed fishers need a Conservation license. Non-residents may choose among 2-day, 10-day or Season Fishing Licenses.)

Communications While at Camp. Contact with “the outside world” is limited while campers are at Christikon. Mail service is provided to the camp on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Those who send letters to campers should take into account both transit times and delivery days. Because of our location, Christikon has only one telephone line. We ask that parents seek to contact campers only for emergency messages. Campers may not use the Christikon telephone, except for urgent reasons. Cell phones do not work at Christikon. E-mail access is not available to youth campers.

When Christikon Will Notify Parents/Guardians. A camper’s parent or guardian will be contacted by telephone whenever there is an injury or illness that necessitates a visit to a physician, or when a camper has an illness or displays conduct or behavior that seriously interferes with camp life. If an injury or illness is not life-threatening, contact with parent/guardian may be made after the camper has seen professional medical help, so Christikon can offer more complete information.

Christikon’s use of campers’ images. Unless Christikon is notified in writing to the contrary, the signature of parent/guardian (or adult advisor signing for self) on the Health Form also constitutes a release of all rights on photos or video recordings of the named camper (or adult advisor) that are taken by Christikon staff, and grants permission for use of these images in promotion, publicity, or other information.

For a list of what to take to camp with you, click here.

The following table shows what a typical on-site session usually involves:





Beginning Day Arrivals and


Day One Breakfast and WorshipDishes and Staff Meeting

Bible Study in family groups

Lunch and dishesHikes in family groups


All camp games

Dinner and dishesQuiet Time

Large/small-group activity



Day Two Breakfast and WorshipDishes and Staff Meeting

Bible Study

(half of family groups leave on overnight)

Lunch and dishesService Projects in family groups


Interest Groups

Dinner and dishesQuiet Time

Folk dancing


Worship in family groups

Day Three Breakfast and WorshipDishes and Staff Meeting

Bible Study

(other half of family groups leave on overnight)

First group of overnighters return Dinner and dishesQuiet Time

Folk dancing



Day Four Breakfast and WorshipDishes and Staff Meeting

Quiet Time

Bible Study

Lunch and dishesService Projects

(remaining overnighters return)

Canteen and Interest Groups

Dinner and dishesFamily group Skits



Day Five Breakfast and WorshipDishes and Staff Meeting

Quiet Time

Bible Study

Lunch and dishesChristikon Olympics


Family group time; evaluations

Dinner and dishesSharing



Closing Day Early RisingBreakfast; camp clean-up


Staff Meeting


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