Onsite goals


On-site Goals and Objectives for Youth Camper Development

On-site Programs

Goal 1. Christikon seeks to provide opportunities for campers to grow as the Body of Christ. We move towards a deeper experience and awareness of Christian community centered in worship, where all are sustained in the covenant of baptism and drawn more deeply in to the lives of each other.


  1. Each camper will participate in daily worship of the Christian community after breakfast and in the evening as the last programmed event of the day.
  2. Each camper will have opportunity to grow in the practices of prayer and meditation, in grace at meal times, Morning Prayer times, Quiet Time, and other “spontaneous” conversations with God.
  3. Each camper will share meals served family style that include rituals of interaction and interpretation to help prepare him/her for richer and fuller participation at the Table of the Lord.
  4. Each camper will have opportunity to grow spiritually and socially by living in community with one another in cabin groups and Family Groups.

Goal 2. Christikon seeks to form faithful Christians. We help people recognize and grow from the foundation offered in the gifts and insights of those who have gone before us, so we might discern what God is doing in our lives and in our life together in this world.


  1. Each camper will take part in a small group (cabin/family group) with other campers and staff in which he/she will build deeper friendships with one another through daily Bible studies, and planning, and participation in hikes and overnights, planning family group presentations, etc.
  2. Each camper will have opportunity to develop healthy relationships with other campers in larger-group and smaller-group settings, including cabin groups and Family Groups, camp games, folk dancing, Interest Groups, After-Dinner Options, and unstructured time.
  3. Each camper will learn to recognize his/her importance in community life through serving in ongoing daily community support, including clean-up after meals, cabin and bath house cleaning, and Service Projects (fence building, trail improvement, trails bread baking, etc.)
  4. Each camper will have opportunity to reflect upon his/her values and commitments in light of historic Christian witness through discussion with other campers and staff in daily Bible studies and occasional Interest Groups that focus on Scripture, as well as in worship and individual Quiet Time.

Goal 3. Christikon seeks to raise up stewards of creation. We use our majestic mountain setting to encourage a greater appreciation of the natural environment, and to develop a deeper sense of gratitude and responsibility for the whole creation of God.


  1. Each camper will gain a deeper sense of his/her own intimate connection with the rest of God’s creation through hiking, overnighting, living and playing in the outdoors, and Interest Groups focused on: plant life, wildlife, the area’s history, topography, geology, compass and map use, etc.
  2. Each camper will attain a great appreciation of and commitment to stewardship of creation through low impact camping, trail maintenance, campsite and trail rehabilitation, recycling, camp clean-up, etc.
  3. Each camper will expand his/her perception of the intricacy, beauty, and interdependence of creation through camping, worshiping, playing games, hiking, etc. in the outdoors.
  4. Each camper will have opportunity to reflect upon the connection between “the natural world” and “the social world” – as well as connections between Christikon life and the life back home – through Bible studies, Quiet Time, and worship.

Goal 4. Christikon seeks to foster campers’ personal growth by challenging and stretching their perceptions of their own gifts and abilities.


  1. Each camper will participate in personal and group decision-making involving Interest Groups, hiking and overnighting destinations, Service Projects, group presentations and other recreational activities.
  2. Each camper will receive encouragement from staff regarding his/her gifts, abilities, and growth in taking responsibility and positive decision-making.
  3. Each camper will have opportunity to broaden the scope of his/her faith through Bible study, worship, Quiet Time and conversation.
  4. Each camper will find himself/herself encouraged to enlarge his/her sense of personal identity and vocation, by the challenges life together in intentional Christian community (including large- and small-group experiences), and by physical and mental challenges that are part of group recreation, hiking and overnight camping, Service Projects, Bible study and other discussion groups.

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